Sail Simulator Sceneries

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The sceneries on this page are quit large. Depending on your GPU you'll have to adjust anti-aliasing, color depth, resultion etc to get the minumum 15 fps (frames per second). Also in the sail simulator you'll have to adjust the parameters under set-up/performance. To enjoy the sceneries fully I would however recommend to set the number of faces to at least 2000. Also adding a layer of clouds adds reality.

Want to design your own scenery? Read about it in the tutorial.

The Lofoten scenery is about 40 x 40 km large with its highest peak at around 1000 meters. The file size is 13.5 Mbytes.

Download: Lofoten 2.0

The Vaeroy scenery is the smallest of the three. I didn't use much time at this, so it is not very accurate and contains only a few objects. File size is 7.2 Mbytes.

Download: Vaeroy 1.1

The Inner-Oslo fjord scenery is about 24 x 36 km large with its highest hill at around 500 meters. The scenery is reasonable accurate and I use it to train my self with GPS software. The file size is 7.2 Mbytes.

Download: Oslo 1.1